Parish Council Budget Meetings

Immaculate Conception Church

St. Joseph Church

  March 27, 2013


  • Immaculate Conception Parish Council
  • Parish Finance Committee
  • Church Life - Card Ladies
  • Catholic Daughters
  • Knights of Columbus
  • RCIA
  • Adult Faith Formation
  • Rite of Elect


Committee Chairperson Phone
I.C. Parish Council Chair Terri Harting  342-3791
Finance Committee Chair Jean Etringer 296-2655
 Recycled Greeting Cards Mary McGee
Buildings and Grounds Steve Reiter 296-1925
Liturgy Committee Diane Delagardelle 827-6879
Community Life and Social Concerns  JoAnn Weber 296-1490
 St. Joseph Parish Council Chair Janan Weber 232-6251
St. Joseph Liturgy Committee Don & Marion Peters 232-1164
Parish Society Linda Kayser 232-6785


Recycled Greeting Cards
Buy your recycled greeting cards for as little as .50!!!!  Several ladies of Immaculate Conception Parish recycle greeting cards and sell them for .50 each (Christmas cards at 4 for $1.00). There are cards for most every occasion! Proceeds from card sales support various projects for Immaculate Conception Church as well as Bosco System Catholic Schools. 

Cards can be purchased at the following locations:

Immaculate Conception Church - back of church by the east entrance
Casey's - Gilbertville
Cedar River Milling - Gilbertville
Farmer's State Bank - Gilbertville
Friendship Village - Waterloo
La Porte City Senior Citizen Center - La Porte City
Linda's Cut 'n Curl (Linda Thome) - Raymond

Cards are .50 each 
Christmas Cards are 4 for $1.00

 To donate cards to be recycled, please leave them in the back of Immaculate Conception Church, Gilbertville.


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Rev. Henry Huber, Pastor
Immaculate Conception Church
- 311 15th Avenue - P.O. Box 136 - Gilbertville, Iowa 50634-0136
St. Joseph Church - 313 East Central Street - Raymond, Iowa 50667    
Mailing Address for St. Joseph is PO Box 136 - Gilbertville, IA  50634-0136
Phone: (319) 296-1092
          Fax: (319) 296-2087


Last Reviewed:  August 23, 2019